Proven Results and Credibility

Since 2004, Mosaix has led the collective charge to establish healthy multiethnic and economically diverse churches throughout North America, and beyond, by casting vision, connecting leaders, conferencing, and coaching. It's no coincidence, then, that the percentage of churches having at least 20% diversity in their attending membership has risen from 7.5% to 13.7% (14.4% in Protestant Evangelical churches) throughout these years, as well. Intentionality in messaging, content delivery, leadership and resource development, etc., have been key to such seismic statistical shift; and even more of this will be needed to usher in the early adopter stage of the Movement over the next five to ten years, a time in which 20% of churches throughout North America will have at least 20% diversity in their attending membership.

Our Specific Need and Goal

Our stated goal is to plant and/or transition 1,000 existing churches from mono- to multiethnic by Dec 31, 2025. And with your help, we can achieve this dream! Thus, we need you and churches like yours to help fund this work through faithfully consistent and sacrificially generous financial support.

Why Your Support Matters

The Movement is growing; and Mosaix is growing with it! All that's been accomplished to date, however, has been accomplished largely through volunteers. In 2017, we intend to add capacity by employing full- and part-time staff of 3-5 people to serve an ever expanding list of pastors seeking our help, advance opportunities, and accelerate healthy multiethnic church development for the sake of the gospel.

Please Add Mosaix to Your Missions Budget in 2017

Whether through a one-time blessing or via recurring monthly gifts, a commitment from your church to support the network monthly will help us generate the income required to employ paid staff, develop products and services to accelerate the Movement, and advance the mission. 

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Coaching Pastors & Planters

Building a healthy multiethnic church? You can't do it alone! Our dedicated, experienced and competent team of coaches will help you work smart, avoid mistakes, and gain competence.

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Diverse Staff Search & Placement

Are you a pastor looking to diversify your staff team? Are you interested in working in a multiethnic church? Through our affordable process, we'll help you find the perfect match!

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Leadership Cohorts & Learning Labs

Get up-close practical training by visiting healthy multiethnic churches throughout the country, and learning from proven pastors and leadership teams. Join others in a year-long cohort, or bring your team to a three-day lab intensive.

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Small Group Study & Workbook

Multiethnic Conversations is a proven resource that facilitates open, authentic conversation, and brings diverse people together to walk and worship as one in Christ and in the church.

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