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Conventional wisdom suggests that a church whose budget is not 100 percent supported by tithes and offerings is not sustainable. We believe, however, that a coming revolution in church economics will necessarily redefine the notion of church stability altogether, as an increasing number of congregations find they are not stable or sustainable by this definition. To expect that churches will be so apart otherwise, apart from a revolution in their approach to finance and funding, is to take for granted the status quo.

In addition, churches that rely solely on tithes and offerings unnecessarily limit their capacity. Imagine what your church could do if it generated an additional 30 percent of its revenue through for-profit business enterprise. On the other hand, imagine how much less your church would accomplish if it was forced to cut 30 percent of its budget, resulting in a significant reduction of staff, programming, community engagement, and giving to missionaries overseas. Such a scenario is already playing out in many churches across the United States as tithes and offerings are stagnant and/or in decline.

Given the possibility (if not a probability) that local governments may someday assess church real estate to collect property taxes and/or that the federal government could take away tax-exempt status for churches altogether, we believe the time to pivot is now.

Why This Book?

Given our collective life experience and understanding of local church planting, growth, and development, we have written this book to share the why, how, and what of funding local churches beyond tithes and offerings. Ultimately, our purpose is to help your church improve its bottom line in consideration of resources, mission advance, and long-term gospel impact. Since most pastors are not taught economics in Bible college or seminary, we hope to propagate understanding that we believe will be necessary for pastors everywhere to apply going forward, whether they are serving established congregations or seeking to plant churches in urban, suburban or rural settings.

To be clear, we did not write this book to reduce your faith in God; to suggest that tithes, offerings, and generosity are not biblical expectations and therefore primary mechanisms for funding God’s work; or to suggest that pastors and churches can get to a point where they are no longer dependent on God for money. Rather, this book is about developing and executing a plan to sustain life-giving ministry in and through the church over a long period of time, directing a greater percentage of tithes and offerings to missional community engagement, and establishing vibrant congregations in areas of a city where they might not otherwise exist. For instance, current understanding has led to an inordinate number of church planters “sensing a call” to start churches in more affluent neighborhoods throughout the United States. We want to disrupt such thinking and open minds to possibilities whereby people in every area of a city can benefit from access to a Christ-centered, exegetically sound, multiethnic, economically diverse, socially just, and economically sustainable church. 



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