1st National Conference (2010)

In November 2010, the Mosaix Global Network, in partnership with Outreach Magazine and the National Outreach Convention, hosted the very first National Multi-ethnic Church Conference in San Diego, CA. More than 400 individuals from thirty-one states and three foreign countries (Australia, Canada and Sweden) attended this historic event. Five plenary sessions, featuring fifteen speakers over two days, were broadcast live across the Internet, attracting an additional 471 unique viewers from ten countries outside the U.S. (Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom). In addition, more than forty speakers led thirty-two workshops on a variety of issues; and denominational sponsors such as the Evangelical Free Church of America, the Evangelical Covenant Church, the Reformed Church of America, the Wesleyan Church and the Free Methodist Church were all actively engaged. Publishers including Zondervan, InterVarsity Press, and Leadership Network were sponsors, too, along side educational institutions such as Multnomah Biblical College and Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Indiana Wesleyan Seminary. In 2010, the conference theme was On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

Check out the 2010 conference magazine (44 pages) to get a sense of this conference's feel and significance! 

2nd National Conference (2013)

In 2013, the conference was reconvened in Long Beach, CA. This time, more than 1,000 people from thirty-one states and three foreign countries attended including a delegation from Uganda. More than sixty speakers led five plenary sessions, fifteen workshop tracks, and sixty workshops. The conference, again, was broadcast live attracting more than 1,000 unique viewers from twenty nations over the course of the two-day event. Thirty-five organizations and nineteen churches sponsored the event! In 2013, the conference themes was For the Sake of the Gospel.

Check out the 2013 conference magazine (52 pages) or click here to be redirected to the official conference website.

Local and Regional Conferences (2004 - 2016)

  1. • 2004 • Local (30 people, Dallas, TX)
  2. • 2005 • Local (100 people, Dallas, TX)
  3. • 2006 • Local (20 people, Little Rock, AR)
  4. • 2007 • Regional (110 people, Lancaster, PA)
  5. • 2008 • Regional (130 people, Lancaster, PA)
  6. • 2009 • Regional (120 people, Baltimore, MD)
  7. •  2010 • National (400 people, San Diego, CA)
  8. •   2011 • International (200 people, Sydney, Australia)
  9. •   2014 • Regional (250 people, Cincinnati, OH)
  10. •   2015 • Regional (40 people, Breckenridge, CO)
  11. •   2015 • Regional (200 people, Cleveland, OH)
  12. •   2016 • National (1,100 people, Dallas, TX)

Help advance the Movement by hosting a Mosaix regional conference at your church in 2017 or 2018. Contact Alison Clinton to learn more.