Whereas Exists:

  • Misunderstanding and misapplication of the homogeneous unit principle
  • Self-centered human nature
  • Personal preferences rooted in privilege
  • The collective pain of marginalized people groups
  • The enmeshment of politics, capitalism, and Christianity
  • Stubborn pride, theological arrogance, and incomplete exegesis
  • Spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places

The below statements are intended to challenge erroneous yet entrenched thinking, approach, and practice that…

  • has led to the systemic segregation of churches by race, class, and culture
  • perpetuate injustice in the church and society at large
  • validate the preferential treatment of some over others
  • undermine collective witness
  • call into question the sincerity of words in the absence of works
  • hinder efforts to advance a credible message of God's love for all people, the very Gospel, itself, in an increasingly diverse and cynical society
  • cannot and should not be any longer perpetuated

We, the undersigned, submit the following for consideration and discussion.2-3 In so doing we boldly call for a new reformation, and challenge local churches in the 21st century to embrace 1st century understanding and praxis, whereby men and women of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds will be encouraged, equipped, and established to walk, work, and worship God together as one in systemically healthy multi-ethnic and economically diverse congregations…

  • as envisioned by Jesus Christ on the night before He died (John 17:20-23) 
  • as described by the New Testament writer, Luke, in describing the local church at Antioch (Acts 11:19-26; 13:1), and
  • as prescribed by the Apostle Paul throughout his life and writings (e.g., Ephesians and Romans)
  • for the sake of the Gospel (Romans 1:16; 16:25)
  • on earth as it is in heaven (Revelation 7:9)

Indeed, it is our sincere hope that existing pastors, church planters, and other ministers, lay and vocational, alike, as well as entire teams of church staff, denominational and network leaders, professors and seminarians, and more, will take time to read, reflect, and respond to these statements as the Holy Spirit leads, with intentionality, and join us in bringing reformative change to churches throughout the United States and around the world.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


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