Catalyzing the Movement (2001 - Present)

• 2001 – Publication of the book, Divided By Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America, marks the end of the Forerunner Stage and the beginning of the pioneer stage of the Multiethnic Church Movement. At this time, 7.5 percent of churches across the country have at least 20 percent diversity in their attending membership.

• 2003 – Drs. George Yancey and Mark DeYmaz meet in Indianapolis, IN. They agree to form a relational network to surface and connect pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders interested in multiethnic local church ministry. Oxford University Press publishes United By Faith: The Multi-cultural Church as an Answer to the Problem of Race of which George Yancey is a co-author. George’s book, One Body One Spirit: Principles of Successful Multiracial Churches, is also published that year by IVP.

• 2004 – Under the name Mosaix Global Network, George and Mark host the first local multiethnic church conference in Dallas, TX. Approximately thirty people attend including the church secretary, sound tech, and pizza deliveryman.

• 2005 – In April, George and Mark speak at the Ethnic America Conference in Dallas, TX, and are featured in the April issue of Christianity Today, the cover of which reads, “All Churches Should Be Multiracial.” In November, Mosaix hosts a second local conference in Dallas, TX; this time, 100 people attend.

• 2006 – Jim Spoonts raises financial support to become Mosaix’ first executive director. Under Jim’s leadership Mosaix hosts several retreats and local conferences throughout the country, and becomes a 501(c)(3) non-profit. An initial mission, vision, and developmental strategy for the network take shape. Among other things, Mosaix promotes a 2020 Vision, the goal of seeing 20 percent of churches 20 percent diverse by the year 2020.

• 2007, Jossey-Bass and Leadership Network publish Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church: Mandate, Commitments, and Practices of a Diverse Congregation by Mosaix co-founder, Mark DeYmaz.

• 2009 – In the aftermath of the recession, Jim’s financial support dwindles and he resigns. Mark is asked to become Mosaix’ next executive director. After consulting nearly thirty leaders from around the country, and with support from his own church in Little Rock, he agrees and goes to work on a national conference.

• 2010 – In April, Zondervan and Leadership Network publish Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity Into Your Local Church by Mark DeYmaz and Harry Li. Mark’s column promoting the multiethnic vision, Ethnic Blends, begins a three-year run in Outreach Magazine. In November, Mosaix hosts the 1st National Multiethnic Church Conference in San Diego, CA., in November. 400 people from thirty-one states and three foreign countries attend. Main sessions are live-streamed over the Internet and viewed by nearly 500 people over two days in fourteen countries. The conference theme was On Earth As It Is In Heaven. It marks the midway point of the pioneer stage of the Movement.

• 2011-2012 – Mosaix returns to grassroots organizing by creating web-based resources, publishing its first eBook, Should Pastors Accept or Reject the Homogeneous Unit Principle, by Mark DeYmaz, hosting two national retreats in the United States, and a national conference in Sydney, Australia. In partnership with Mosaix, Leadership Network launches a two-year learning community focused on the multiethnic church involving twelve churches and thirty leaders. Individuals and local churches across the country begin to financially support the efforts of Mosaix.

• 2013 – Mosaix convened its 2nd National Conference in Long Beach, CA, under the theme, For the Sake of the Gospel. This time, more than 1,000 people from thirty-one states and three foreign countries attended, including a delegation from Uganda. Some sixty speakers led five plenary sessions, fifteen tracks, and sixty workshops. The conference was broadcast live attracting more than 1,000 unique viewers from twenty nations over the course of the two-day event. Thirty-five organizations and nineteen churches sponsored the event. In time for the conference, Zondervan re-releases Ethnic Blends under a new title, Leading a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church: Seven Core Commitments and How to Overcome Them. It is the first book to carry Mosaix imprint.

• 2014 – Mosaix begins to provide effective and affordable coaching to pastors and church planters seeking to establish multiethnic churches. Individual and group coaching continues to this day and includes clients from Stadia, the United Methodist Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the Anglican Church in North America, non-denominational churches, and more. In addition, Mosaix continues its nearly ten-year relationship with Exponential hosting pre-conferences at both their east and west coast annual events. Mosaix launches its first city network in Cincinnati, OH, (MosaixCincy) with some thirty pastors meeting consistently each month for relational connection, mutual encouragement, and peer learning.

• 2015 – In January, Mosaix enters a formal partnership with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, and its Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership, through which a three-year D.Min. cohort is launched. Over the next three years, ten students will earn a doctorate in Redemptive Leadership & Organizational Development in the Multi-ethnic Context. Mosaix also hosts a Multi-ethnic Church Leaders Summit at GCTS Charlotte in March, a strategic gathering of catalytic church planting leaders representing 22 denominations, networks, and seminaries (for summary, see In partnership with Exponential, a one-year Learning Community is launched focusing on multiethnic church development; some 25 leaders from twelve churches participate. Local church pastors in Breckenridge, CO and Cleveland, OH host Mosaix Regional Conferences drawing 40 and 250 attendees, respectively. The conference in Cleveland gives birth to a second city network for pastors (MosaixCLE), and a third is launched in Jackson, MS (MosaixJAN). Capping off the year, Mosaix receives a $400,000 grant to help establish a national office and staff team to accelerate multiethnic church planting, growth, and development over the next five years. MosaixCincy hosts a Mosaix Regional Conference at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati attracting 250 people to the event.

• 2016 – The year is spent organizing the 3rd National Multiethnic Church Conference in Dallas (Keller), TX; 1,200 ministry leaders attend the November 1-3 event. In May, Mark DeYmaz names Harry Li senior pastor of Mosaic Church, freeing more of his time for involvement with Mosaix. In June, Mosaix releases a second book inclusive of its imprint: re:MIX – Transitioning Your Church to Living Color by Mark DeYmaz and Bob Whitesell (Abingdon Press). In this year too Wesleyan Publishing House releases Multiethnic Conversations: An Eight-week Journey toward Unity in You Church by Mark DeYmaz and Oneya Fennell Okuwobi (October). An updated website ( is launched at the conference, featuring new products and services as the felt need among pastors to develop healthy multiethnic churches steadily increases. Over the past three years, Mosaix has coached 24 church pastors and planters.

• 2017 – A second Mosaix Leadership Cohort is formed with ten pastors in the Western Pennsylvania Conference UMC. Santes Beatty, the Director of Multi-ethnic Ministries for The Wesleyan Church, begins online groups for pastors and ministry leaders using Multiethnic Conversations as a curriculum. By 2019, some 600 of these complete the study online in turn leading 400 others and 1,500 congregants through it in their cities. MosaixSearch is launched to provide effective and affordable staff search services to churches seeking diverse candidates for full-time ministry positions. Mosaix’ 5th title of imprint, Disruption: Repurposing the Church to Redeem the Community by Mark DeYmaz, is published in March by Thomas Nelson and Leadership Network. Two regional conferences are held this year in connection with the Mosaix: The EmbRACE Conference via MosaixJAN (June; 400 people), and for the second time, the One New Humanity Conference via MosaixCincy (September, 250).

• 2018 Mosaix’ Learning Labs (launched in 2017) are held in three cities: Cleveland, OH (Chip Freed, Garfield Memorial UMC); Tampa, FL (Tommy Kyllonen, Crossover Church), and Little Rock, AR (Harry Li, Mosaic Church). In February, another Mosaix regional event – the Technicolor Conference – is launched by Mark Hearn at First Baptist Church in Duluth, GA. The conference focuses on existing churches seeking to become multi-ethnic; some 200 people attend. Leadership Cohorts begin to scale as Mosaix begins working with pastors in East Ohio, West Ohio, and North Georgia. Veteran multi-ethnic church planter Matt McGue moves to Atlanta and establishes Mosaix’ fourth city network, MosaixATL. By 2019, three additional networks in Atlanta are meeting monthly throughout the city (eastside, westside, northside, and downtown); some 60 pastors are involved. In Portland, OR, a fifth city network is also formed (MosaixPDX).

• 2019 The year is spent organizing the 4th National Multiethnic Church Conference held in November for a second time at NorthWood Church in Dallas (Keller), TX. It was Mosaix' largest conference to date: 1,300 attendees heard from 112 speakers via 6 plenary sessions (get the digital access pass) and 72 workshops. In October, Baker Books publishes the groundbreaking work, The Coming Revolution in Church Economics: Why Tithes and Offerings are No Longer Enough and What You Can Do About It by Mark DeYmaz and Harry Li. New Leadership Cohorts are launched to work with pastors in Washington, DC, North Carolina, Georgia, and New York. Mosaix launches new 30- and 90-day coaching packages streamlined to more effectively assist pastors and church planters. Since 2017, some 200 pastors have attended one of seven Mosaix Learning Labs. Page view visits to the Mosaix website ( increase to include people from 77 countries over the past 12 months and grow from 4,000 to 20,000 visits a month over the past four years. Growing global interest leads to the establishment of MosaiX Europe ( Having forged a partnership with Mosaix USA, the leadership team of five (based in Germany, England, the Netherlands, and Greece) are actively working with others in twelve countries to advance the Movement throughout Europe, one focused on Intercultural Church Planting (ICP), Church Transformation, Church in Reverse, Mercy and Justice Ministries.

• 2020 On January 1, 2020, Dave Livermore, PhD, co-founder and president of the Cultural Intelligence Center (CQC) in Grand Rapids, MI, formalized a strategic partnership with Mosaix through which Mosaix became an official representative of the Cultural Intelligence Center and the premier provider for delivering CQ® assessment, training, and consulting to Christian organizations throughout North America. That month as well Mosaix launched a strategic partnership with OCEAN in Cincinnati, OH, to provide a Master Class in Church Economics and Entrepreneurship - the first of its kind in North America. Mark DeYmaz is approached by Salem Radio Network, and on April 19 launches two 1-hour radio programs (Multiethnic Conversations) each week in Little Rock, AR, simultaneously live-streamed via 93.3FM The Fish. In May, United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH, announces a partnership with Mosaix to launch (January 2021) a new D.Min. led by Mark DeYmaz and specifically focused on Disruptive Church Leadership. In the summer Mosaix significantly scales its leadership team and organizational structure to handle rising demand for its products and services. Alison Clinton is promoted to Executive VP of Conferences: New additions include Allen Arnn (Executive VP of Operations and Development); Harry Li (Executive Director, Mosaix CQ); Dan Davidson (Director, Church Economics); Alex Diaz (Director, Coaching); and Jason Davilla (Director, Mosaix Search).

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