2016 Multi-Ethnic Church National Conference

Why Partner with Mosaix?

Establishing a healthy multi-ethnic church or organization is difficult; you just can’t do it alone! In the Pioneer Stage of the Movement, we need each other for personal encouragement, relational connection, and ministry development. In partnership with Mosaix you’ll establish relationships with thought-leading pioneers and other like-minded ministry leaders connecting through the oldest, most reliable network advancing the Multi-ethnic Church Movement today!

To Advance the Cause...

Mosaix is a non-profit ministry catalyzing the movement toward multi-ethnic churches throughout North America and beyond for the sake of the Gospel. Your partnership via monthly or annual financial support helps to provide sustainable income without which the network could not fulfill its mission. Partners include individuals, local churches, and national organizations, all helping to advance the leadership Mosaix brings to our common cause.

...Through Strategic Partnership 

Here are just some of the strategic ways to strategically partner with Mosaix:

  1. Add Mosaix to your church's missions budget and send a monthly/annual financial gift. Click here for more information and list of benefits for partner churches
  2. Contribute individually. Contributions are tax deductible. Checks can be sent and made payable to Mosaix Global Network: 6420 Colonel Glenn Rd. Little Rock, AR 72204.
  3. Let us coach you in planting a multi-ethnic church or transitioning a homogeneous church toward greater diversity. Click here to scheduled an informative, free coaching consultation with Mosaix' co-founder and Executive Director, Dr. Mark DeYmaz.
  4. Have your organization sponsor one of our regional or national conferences. Click here to learn of upcoming opportunities.
  5. Join our staff team. We are looking for national and regional staff to help advance our mission. Click here to discuss positions and possibilities.