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Leadership Network was formed in 1984 to work with leaders of innovative churches to explore these questions to generate kingdom results. Believing that meaningful conversations and connections can change the world, Leadership Network seeks to help leaders of innovation navigate the future by exploring new ideas together to find application to their own unique contexts. Through collaborative meetings and processes these leader map future possibilities and challenge one another to action that leads to results. Through our publications, books and on-line experiences we share the learnings and inspiration to others and surface new conversations worthy of exploration. Leadership Network is a Dallas, Texas based 501c3 nonprofit organization. Its global ministry includes programs around the world. 

Linda Stanley - Leadership Community Director


Peoples Church

Peoples Church is a place where people from many different backgrounds join together to worship, serve, love God and others. We care deeply about our city and seeing Jesus made known throughout the world. We consider it a privilege to participate in this vibrant expression of God's Church in Uptown Cincinnati. Our vision is to be a racially reconciled and generationally rich, life-giving church, thriving in the heart of city.

Pastor Chris Beard - facebook

Living Water

Living Water is a growing community of men and women, and boys and girls, from extremely diverse backgrounds. We are ethnically diverse with people from nearly 20 different nations calling Living Water home. We are economically diverse with those struggling to make ends meet to executives who run multi-national corporations. We are generationally diverse with young families, 30 something singles, empty nesters, and octogenarian widowers. We also come from varied religious backgrounds, life experiences, abilities, and disabilities. Yet we have three very important things in common...a deep love for each other, a deep love for our community and our world, and - most importantly - a deep love for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mike Leonzo - facebook

Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas

Mosaic is a multi-ethnic, economically diverse church established by men and women seeking to know God and to make Him known through the pursuit of unity in accordance with the prayer of Jesus Christ (John 17:20-23) and patterned after the New Testament at Antioch (Acts 11:19-26; 13:1ff.). Mosaic is a multi-site church with campuses in Little Rock, Conway, and Durham, N.C.

Pastor Mark DeYmaz - blog

New Life Providence Church

New Life Providence Church (NLPC) began in 1999 and today is a growing congregation of over 3,000 located on two campuses: one in beautiful Virginia Beach and another in Chesapeake, Virginia. The church is evangelical in doctrine, charismatic in ministry, eclectic in worship. We are a church where men, women, and children of all different ethnicities and cultures can grow together in a common faith. NLPC values diversity in every area of the ministry and is intentional in its efforts to help members relate to one another as a multicultural, multi-gifted blend of God's people. If your ever in the area, please join us!

Pastor Dan Backens - bio



The Vineyard Church of Houston is located in the heart of the city and is comprised of people passionately interested in our community and in our world. Within our walls, people from all ethnicities, cultures, generations and economic backgrounds gather to grow in maturity and pursue a common mission. We define our mission as "...building a compassionate community that draws people from all cultures and generations into an authentic, intimate and supernatural life with Jesus Christ"

Pastor Michael Palandro - blog


A multi-generational, multi-cultural church just outside of Portland, Oregon, Village is a growing community seeking to follow Jesus. We are committed to responding to God in worship for who He is, what He has done and what He will do. Our worship takes form in our obedience to His word, acts of service to others and our commitment to tell people about His love and plan of salvation in our community, our city and around the world. Village is a church home to people from all over the world - a place where cultures connect in unity. We currently have strategic, growing ministries to the Hispanic, Korean, Chinese and East Indian communities in our area. Village attracts many first-generation immigrants to these ministries and we offer live, multi-lingual translation at many of our services.

Pastor John Jordan - [email protected]

Redeemer Church is a welcoming community of faith providing musical variety in terms of song selection and style, messages that come from the Bible and have real life application, and a church that is ethnically diverse. Most of all, you will see in us a picture of what it means to worship Christ. We invite you to come as you are, and to see what God is doing at Redeemer Church! 

Pastor Marc Champagne - www


Grace Chapel is a non-denominational church locatedin Lexington, Massachusetts. Nearly 3,000 people from more than 200 towns, and many different church traditions, communities and cultures attend Sunday services, events, and activities offered each week. Grace Chapel has become increasingly multiethnic over the last 15 years. With over 50 different countries represented, we estimate that 30% of our congregation are from cultural backgrounds other than those of Western European descent, reflecting significant numbers of emigrants from every continent, and 2nd and 3rd generation Americans who trace their roots to non-European countries.

Pastor Bryan Wilkerson - bio
Dana Baker, Multicultural Mininstries - bio



Westbrook Christian Church is a growing, vibrant church in Bolingbrook, Illinois which is located 25 miles southwest of Chicago. We are a multicultural church of nearly 1,300, committed to reaching all people of all ethnicities in our region. To date there are over 25 different nationalities represented at Westbrook. Our dream is to launch multiple congregations under one roof becoming a congregation that worships One God, in multiple languages! Our Gente Unida Ministries, a Latino congregation was launched in 1996 and recently we have expanded with another Latino congregation, Iglesia Familia Unida, which is located in Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood. With Chicago having the second largest Polish population in the world outside of Warsaw, we believe that God is now opening doors for the launch of a Polish congregation at Westbrook as well! We are continuing to deepen our desire to see people come to know Christ fully and make Him fully known!

Pastor Mont Mitchell - blog


Amadeo Church

God is pursuing a biblical & beautiful spirit-led unity of people from many diverse backgrounds, economic situations, races, nations, and spiritual giftings; we hope to see you add to what God is doing! Pastor Ben Cloud - bio

Grace Church

Grace Presbyterian Church exists to make disciples from every ethnic background and class throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and to the ends of the earth.

Pastor Johnathan Seda - welcome letter

Transformation Church

Upward. Inward. Outward... Transformers-Roll out!!

Pastor Derwin L. Gray - blog

Fellowship of European International Churches

A relational network sponsored by the Assemblies of God World Missions accelerating the work of the Gospel among Europe's diverse population. Pastor Terry Hoggard - bio

San Diego Hope Church

Pastor Frank Wooden - blog

Crosspoint Church

Pastor Robert Chartrand - blog

Path 1

The United Methodist Church Planting Movement Sam Rodriguez - view Bio


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