2016 Multi-Ethnic Church National Conference

Mosaix Speaking Team

The following individuals bring specific expertise to the Multi-ethnic Church Movement and conversation. Click the appropriate link(s) to book one or more of them at your next event.


Mark DeYmaz
Pastor, Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas / Executive Director, Mosaix Global Network
Theology; multi-ethnic church planting; best practices; community engagement/transformation; multi-ethnic church movement, etc.

Efrem Smith
Superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church
Multi-ethnic church planting; missional and multi-ethnic; post-Black & post-White church perspectives; community engagement/transformation, etc.

Michael O. Emerson

Professor of Sociology. Rice University / Director, The Kinder Institute for Urban Research
Sociological insights; research and trending; confronting the legacy of discrimination; transcending racial barriers, etc.

Soong-Chan Rah

Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism (North Park Theological Seminary)
Theology; Western (evangelical) captivity, prejudice, and power; social justice; racial reconciliation; cross-cultural relationships and competence, etc.

Alejandro Mandes
Director of Hispanic Ministries for the Evangelical Free Church of America / Founder, Immigrant Hope
Engaging Hispanics/Latinos; church planting with emphasis on immigrant ministry; non-traditional theological/skills training and credentialing, etc.

Dana Baker
Pastor of Multicultural Ministries, Grace Chapel
Workshops, seminars, and/or consulting re. transitioning homogenous churches; cross-cultural relationships and competence; women in ministry, etc.

Naeem Fazal
Pastor, Mosaic Church (Charlotte, NC)
Multi-ethnic church planting and revitalization; engaging Muslims; cross-cultural relationships and competence, etc.


Mark DeYmaz will be speaking at the following events. To schedule Mark DeYmaz, please contact Alison Clinton.

January 10-11 / Ozark Christian College Student Immersion @ Mosaic Church, Little Rock, AR
January 17 / Multiply Conference @ Lake Pointe Church, Hot Springs, AR
January 21 / Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, Little Rock, AR
February 1 / Providence Bible Church, Denver, CO
February 7-10 / International Business Times, Little Rock, AR
February 25-26 / Path1 Multi-ethnic Church Development / Leadership Training, San Antonio, TX
February 28 / Western North Carolina Conference Pastors Gathering (UMC), Charlotte, NC
March 9-10 / Pastors of International Multi-site Campuses Gathering, Nashville, TN
March 11 / Wheaton College: Church Models and Movements, Chicago, IL (via Skype)
March 17-19 / Multi-ethnic Church Leadership Summit @ Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC
March 20 / NAMB Multicultural Round Table, Duluth, GA
April 27-April 30 / Mosaix Regional Conference @ Exponential East, Tampa, FL
May 6-8 / ECC Mid-south/Southeast Regional Conference, New Orleans, LA
May 11-22 / Redemptive Leadership D.Min. Cohort @ Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC
May 23-24 / Encounter Mosaic - Harvest Bible Church, Little Rock AR
June 9-10 / Cultural Engagement D.MIn.Cohort @ Multnomah University, Portland, OR
August 7-8 / Mosaix Regional Conference, Frisco, CO
August 9 / Immanuel Fellowship, Frisco, CO
August 26 / Pleasant Valley Church of Christ, Little Rock, AR
September 1-3 / Iowa Conference, UMC
September 16 / Q Conference Planning, Nashville, TN  
September 26-28 / Garfield Memorial UMC, Cleveland, OH
September 30 / Philander Smith College, Little Rock, AR 
October 2 / Release Initiative Church Planting Conference, Chicago, IL
October 3/ NAMB Send City Church Planters Dinner, Chicago, IL 
October 4 / Church of the Beloved, Chicago, IL  
October 4-8 / Exponential West @ Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA
October 16-18 / Salvation Army Biennial Multicultural Ministries Conference, Salem, WI
October 23-24 / Engage Our Culture Race Relations Forum, Charlotte, NC
November 1-4 / Exponential Multi-ethnic Leaning Community, Kentwood, MI
November 7-9 / Stadia Multi-ethnic Church Planters Gathering, Little Rock, AR
November 28-29 / Mountain Christian Church, Joppa, MD                          

To schedule Efrem Smith, contact Loren Hayes .

To schedule Michael Emerson, contact him directly.

To schedule Soong-Chan Rah, contact him directly.

To schedule Alejandro Mandes, contact him directly.

To schedule Dana Baker, contact her directly.

To schedule Naeem Fazal, contact Melissa Rodriguez.