Work Smart. Avoid Mistakes. Gain Competence.

Our experienced team has helped scores of pastors - from a wide variety of denominations and networks - plant healthy multiethnic churches and/or transition existing churches to living color. Choose from these affordable plans and formats:

• Individual Coaching

       -> Get personalized attention for yourself (and your team, if desired) focused on specific needs and context.
       -> $250 a month, twelve month contract.

• Group Coaching

       -> Gain understanding together with 3-5 other pastors focused on each one's specific needs and contexts.
       -> $125 a month per person (minimum of three), twelve month contract.

To learn more, schedule a free thirty-minute phone call with Mosaix' co-founder and president, Dr. Mark DeYmaz.

“Having Mosaix available to walk along side of us as we navigated through the tensions of planting a transcultural, trans-generational and multi-denominational church in the heart of Detroit was invaluable! Their experience and commitment to the centrality of the gospel provided a great example in that context for us."
Pastor Sonny Smith
Stadia Church Planter
Detroit Church, Detroit, MI

"Mark is a highly practical person with a real desire to getting things done. I was blessed to have him as my coach, someone to process my current efforts with here in East LA. He often gave me helpful perspective to a plan or an idea I had, and warned me about pitfalls along the way."
Pastor Enrique Melendez
Stadia Church Planter
Hope Community Church, Los Angeles, CA              

Meet Our Coaches

Choose from among our dedicated, experienced and competent team, a coach that's just right for you and your situation.

Mark DeYmaz  Santes Beatty   Mont Mitchell     Ray Chang    Oneya Okuwobi  Matt McGue      Chip Freed          Kyle Ray          Dana Baker        Alex Diaz        Naeem Fazal

Coaching Pastors & Planters

Building a healthy multiethnic church? You can't do it alone! Our dedicated, experienced and competent team of coaches will help you work smart, avoid mistakes, and gain competence.

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Diverse Staff Search & Placement

Are you a pastor looking to diversify your staff team? Are you interested in working in a multiethnic church? Through our affordable process, we'll help you find the perfect match!

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Leadership Cohorts & Learning Labs

Get up-close practical training by visiting healthy multiethnic churches throughout the country, and learning from proven pastors and leadership teams. Join others in a year-long cohort, or bring your team to a three-day lab intensive.

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Small Group Study & Workbook

Multiethnic Conversations is a proven resource that facilitates open, authentic conversation, and brings diverse people together to walk and worship as one in Christ and in the church.

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