2016 Multi-Ethnic Church National Conference


You just can't do it alone!

The Need

The percentage of multi-ethnic congregations (using the twenty percent or more minority criteria) has nearly doubled in the past decade to 13.7 percent. Subsequently, the growing trend has increased demand for competent coaching to encourage, equip and establish multi-ethnic church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders who are otherwise seeking to revitalize churches in decline or transition healthy but otherwise homogeneous churches around the multi-ethnic vision.

For more than ten years Mosaix has been effectively advancing the movement by helping individuals like you to work smart not hard in planting, growing, or developing multi-ethnic churches. Our track record is unmatched, and expertise unparalleled. You can do it; we can help!

Click here to scheduled an informative, free coaching consultation with Mosaix' co-founder and Executive Director, Dr. Mark DeYmaz.
The Benefits

Get equipped for multi-ethnic church planting, homogeneous church transition, and more.
Stay encouraged
to avoid personal, ministry, spiritual burnout, discouragement. All conversations are kept strictly confidential.
See the church established in various seasons/stages of growth: from survival to stability to sustainability.

General Information
  1. Contracts are for twelve months;
  2. Coaching takes place every two weeks, or once a month, as you prefer, by phone or Skype;
  3. Content, guidance, and approach, is tailored to fit your specific need and situation;
  4. Your coach will visit you on site, in your city, once during the twelve month period;
  5. You will visit your coach's site once during the twelve month period.
Mosaix Global Network offers this specialized coaching for multi-ethnic church pastors and planters across denominational and network lines.  Click here to scheduled an informative, free coaching consultation with Mosaix' co-founder and Executive Director, Dr. Mark DeYmaz.
Coaching Multi-ethnic Church Planters 
  1. Dan Johnson - Mosaic Church, Durham, NC - 2012 / Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas
  2. Matt McGue - One Church, Jackson, MS - 2013 / Stadia
    3. Michael Randle – Mosaic Bible, Kansas City, MO – 2014 / Stadia 
    4. Elie Hasbani – Ethnos Church, Milwaukie, WI – 2014 / Stadia
    5. Josh Woodruff – Bridge City Church, Chattanooga, TN – 2014 / LCMS
    6. Trey Grant – The Well, Keller, TX – 2015 / Irving Bible Church, Irving, TX
    7. Rodrigo Cruz Flores – The NETT Church, Atlanta, GA – 2015 / UMC
    8. Dante Tangonan - Name TBD, Southern CA - 2015 / UMC
    9. Enrique Melendez - Name TBD, Los Angeles, CA – 2016 / Stadia
    10. Marcellis Smith – Detroit Church, Detroit, MI – 2016 / Stadia
    11. Denise Page - The Gathering Place, Lorton, VA - 2016
    12. Travis Greene – Name TBD, Columbia, SC – 2016 / Forest Hill, Charlotte, NC 
Coaching Pastors Transitioning Homogeneous Churches
  1. Mark Hearn - First Baptist Church, Duluth, GA / SBC
  2. Sarah Kalish – Cokesbury UMC, Charlotte, NC
  3. Don Newman – Memorial UMC, Charlotte, NC
  4. Linwood Brooks – Mouzon UMC, Charlotte, NC
  5. Nancy Friend – Crossroads UMC, Concord, NC
  6. In-Yong Lee – St. Paul’s UMC, Asheville, NC
    7. Jane Hetherington-Routh – Santa Ana UMC, Santa Ana, CA
    8. Thomas Huffman – St. Matthew’s UMC, Tulsa, OK