A Network of Networks

Mosaix is a relational network of multi-ethnic church pioneers, pastors and church planters serving to facilitate a collective cause, namely the establishment of multi-ethnic local churches throughout the United States and beyond in the 21st century. Mosaix welcomes Christ-centered, evangelical, denominations or organizations as network affiliates, all those agreeing with our vision, mission and doctrinal statement.

In addition, Mosaix serves as a global Network of Networks connecting like-minded leaders and churches seeking to pursue and promote the vision of multi-ethnic and economically diverse church planting, growth and development in the 21st century for the sake of the gospel.


Contact: Terry Hoogard (Belgium)
The Fellowship of European International Churches (FEIC) is a relational network comprised of congregations that minister to the unique opportunities, needs and challenges of international communities in European cites. Network churches are a tapestry of cultures and traditions, races and people groups, languages and nationalities united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Contact: Theo Visser (The Netherlands)
International Church Plants (ICP) is a Dutch church planting network, which strongly focuses on planting churches in a intercultural society.
It is our dream that all over the world new churches are going to be planted which reflect the variety of cultures around. Although many church planters advocate homogeneous units in church planting, ICP reckons this approach to be too one-sided. ICP believes that it is possible to plant churches where both the unity as well as the variety of cultures is being expressed.

Contact: ND Strupler (Switzerland)
ICF is a non-denominational free church with a biblical foundation, which arose from the vision of creating dynamic, real-life churches which are right on the heartbeat of time. ICF plants churches that have a positive impact on and in communities, dedicated to actively helping people in need and bringing them hope and a meaningful life through a clear message that changes, frees, and reconciles lives.

Contact: Max Palmer (New Zealand)
is committed to strengthening the Christian church across the city, along with its many congregations and ministries. We are a servant ministry sponsored by Life Resources and its supporters. Influence seeks to represent the broad stream of what is happening in the Church in Christchurch.

Contact: Carl Nelson (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)
Transform Minnesota
 a diverse network of evangelicals extending the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom, and our vision is to transform Minnesota by connecting and mobilizing evangelicals. Transform Minnesota's Multi Ethnic Church Leadership Cohort is designed to serve senior church leaders (ideally the senior pastor) as well as other pastors or congregational leaders whose roles intersect with multicultural ministry issues (i.e. worship leader, youth/student pastor, associate pastors, and community or outreach leaders). 

New Wine, New Wineskins
The John 17:23 Network
Contact: Dr. Paul Louis Metzger (Portland, OR)
The John 17:23 Network
exists to lead the people of Imago Dei Community into 
intentional pursuit of a diverse unity--one shaped by Christ, and expressive of God’s gospel and barrier-breaking love. Through the disciplines of repentance and reconciliation, people from all backgrounds actively exchange their cliques, comfort zones, and individualistic 
agendas for the sake of interdependent community.


Contact us for further information about your organization becoming a related network. 

Mosaix is not a denomination and, therefore, has no desire to speak into matters of self-governance best left to its membership, i.e., the local churches or denominations to which they are affiliated. In other words, Mosaix seeks in no way to speak with authority on theological and/or ecclesiological issues outside the scope of its mission.

Position papers concerning issues not addressed in Mosaix doctrinal statement are developed as needed and available upon request.

In addition, denominations and organiziations seeking to affiliate with Mosaix should understand that the network is not focused on racial-reconciliation. Rather, Mosaix is focused on reconciling men and women to God through faith in Jesus Christ and on reconciling local churches to the principles and practices of inclusion established by New Testament churches for the sake of the gospel in the 21st century.



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